Digital Signage

Nowadays, information is shared and consumed in an instant. Static signs and messages can’t compete with the dynamic demand of the digital world. Signs that were created yesterday might be outdated and obsolete today. And the 21st –century consumer is accustomed to colors, movement, and interaction. Traditional signs don’t stand a chance.

What’s this mean for your business or organization? By sticking with traditional signs, you risk giving your audience outdated information, and you face costly expenses every time you need to change a sign. How can you save money while staying competitive in the digital world?

Capture the attention of your audience and save on expenses with digital signage. Digital signs are ideal for retailers hoping to influence consumer behavior. They are effective for organizations such as hospitals and municipalities that provide internal information (like safety notices and emergencies). They are a proven success for the gaming industry (such as using digital signs on slot machines to promote winnings) and for the hospitality industry (promoting features of your property including spas, restaurants, schedules, latest news).

The 21st-century consumer demands instant access to information. Digital signage allows you to relay real-time messages to your customers and employees. Real-time information is vital for supply chains, call centers, financial institutions, and other industries where up-to-date statistics and data drive daily decisions.

Be more dynamic than ever before with digital signage. Digital signs allow you to include more features within your message, including news, weather, TV programs, videos and more. Recent advancements including the use of SMS and Bluetooth allow an even richer audience-interactive experience. Imagine your customers being able to post messages or tweets onto a sign. Your audience will actually want to interact with your signs, meaning more exposure for your branding.

In short, digital signage will enhance your customer’s experience as well as your work environment and bottom line. Wait times will seem shorter, customers will feel more involved, and your company will come across as on the cutting edge of technology.

Digital signs aren’t effective if they don’t fit within your existing environment. At Omega Networx, we ensure that your digital signage system reflects your organization. We flawlessly integrate your digital signage system into your existing environment and offer continued support. We handle internal and external displays including LCDs, LED boards, Plasma displays, projected images and more. We provide installation into walls, floors and any other creative areas that will capture your audience.

Omega Networx is dedicated toward helping you get noticed in the 21st century. Digital marketing is no longer an alternative – it’s the standard. Stay one step ahead of the rest with Omega Networx – the premiere digital signage company.

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