It’s no secret that we live in a global economy. Even the smallest of companies find themselves doing business with clients and customers in different parts of the country and world. In order to grow in this digital world, your business needs to be accessible to clients and customers down the street from you, as well as down under.

But how can you do this without increasing the bottom line of your traveling and communications budget? Video telephony, or telepresence video conferencing, helps bring you closer to your clients, no matter where they or you are.

What is video telephony? Video telephony consists of a set of technologies that allows a person to feel as if they’re present in a room or environment that they are physically not in. Video telephony provides real-time interactive communication.

Video telephony helps businesses become more global and accessible without requiring skyrocketing traveling costs or increasing carbon emissions. This technology has boomed in recent years, with the advent of Skype, Face Time, and other applications. But the concept is far from new. In fact, Punch’s Almanack published a cartoon illustrating video telephony in 1878. AT&T created its Picturephone in 1974, but was far ahead of its time – the jerky images on the Picturephone, coupled with the expensive rate-per-minute to use the device, kept it from taking off.

Video telephony is growing in popularity among news services, healthcare professionals, educational institutions and government organizations. Telepresence video conferencing helps you interact with your clients and customers like never before. No longer does it matter where you or your customers are located. With video telephony, we’re all just a simple click away.

Video telephony requires several components to work: a microphone, a camera, a loudspeaker, a monitor, a connection, and a system to compress the data. Omega Networx continues to push the boundaries of video telephony/telepresence video conferencing technology. We help businesses create studio-like conferencing systems in their boardrooms, offices, or desks. No matter how big or small your needs, we have the technology and know-how to propel you to the top of this global economy.

Start conversing with clients and customers across the globe without adding to your bottom line. Our video telephony services will redefine communications for your business.

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