Cloud Computing

A technological breakthrough that has emerged in recent years is the cloud and the ability to store and backup your data on it. Cloud computing involves storage and processing of data on a virtual work environment, as opposed to the traditional method of local storage and retrieval from an in-office computer or network. Everything rests on a virtual system that can be accessed from any number of points.

One of the main advantages that cloud computing offers is cost savings, in the form of reduced hardware purchases, as well as reduced dependency on IT and support services. With a virtual system, power backups, data backups and security are handled by the system host.

Another major advantage of the cloud is its accessibility. Through a number of various configurations, your cloud may be accessed from many different devices in many different locations, simultaneously. This freedom and mobility make cloud computing solutions a front runner in today’s technology.

The cloud allows for users to launch environments on the Internet without having to obtain the physical drive they are on. The service works similar to Microsoft Exchange in that there is no need for server, software, or setup in your physical location. The information simply tunnels through the cloud into whatever device you wish to bring it up on. The files don’t reside in your physical location. They are simply hosted on the cloud.

Omega’s cloud computing solutions afford us complete control over the backups and redundancies, which keeps the network functioning on your schedule and to your specifications.

The cloud is the evolution or next generation of the traditional server. With virtual environments and cloud computing, your systems are leaner, more efficient, and more reliable.

Omega NetworX can customize a cloud computing solution that is perfect for your business.

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