Disaster Proof Data Backup

Disasters strike in many forms. For a business, few are as debilitating as those that disable your network and technology systems. From hardware failure to software corruption to data loss, these types of incidents can have a drastic impact on your operations and require swift action.

Omega NetworX can perform data recovery services to restore your systems and files and get your business operational ASAP. But recovery from a disaster is not an acceptable alternative to preventative measures that avoid these issues!

Data Backup and disaster-proofing your network is critical for businesses of any size. With Omega’s data backup services, all of your files are stored in a systematic and strategic way that allows for very quick recovery to get you up and running ASAP with minimal disruption.

Our approach to backing up your files is three-fold:
First, we store them locally on the site of your network, whether it be on the network, itself, or your server. The files are backed up along with the system and raid or a mirror of the original. In doing this, if one drive fails, Omega can simply rebuild the drive and you will be good to go.

The second method of backing is to place them onto a second additional hard drive that backs up the main system nightly, so a restore from the day prior is the only necessary step that has to be taken. This has proven to be one of the most guaranteed and secured backup methods available.

The final option is to export the data every night to a remote server, such as Amazon. An exact copy will be made of the last business day to be made available for restore in the need of a backup. Some services have additional backup redundancies that are all a part of the process.

Our data backup services and procedures make sure your business doesn’t miss a beat. Omega NetworX safeguards your files and backups so you can stay focused on running your business – even through a disaster.

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