Environment Virutlization

Environment virtualization is all about consolidating hardware for your business. In the past, multiple machines would be needed in certain environments to run various programs. Some required tasks could only work on certain machines, so accommodations were made to bring in the various hardware to perform each task properly.

Now, you can take full advantage of all programs from one universal device. With web services such as Rackspace.com and Amazon, you are able to launch a server on demand. By virtualizing tasks, you can run any program on any machine. Utilizing a universal machine in a complex and layered business will allow for faster information exchange, smoother transition time between programs, and increased productivity.

By keeping the host machine in house, you can access any of the information through your network. There just needs to be one machine running with different servers simultaneously. A Windows machine isn’t required to run a Windows program anymore. And with virtualization, you don’t need six computers to run six different tasks. They can all be housed and shared over the network through one machine.

Trust Omega to help save money on hardware and servers. We will construct and maintain the host machine so that the universality keeps your business moving and progressing. Business expenses on hardware are declining because of the growing use of virtual drives and sharing across networks.

Keep your money in your business and let the profits continue to grow. Let Omega virtualize your environment for your benefit.

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