Network Systems

Omega NetworX offers a suite of services, the core of which is network and systems support. We provide expert service on most major network systems to enable your staff to stay focused on the business. We offer a number of different support packages, each of which can be customized to suit your specific needs.

From single issue service calls to entire system overhauls, our team of technicians can diagnose and troubleshoot all types of issues and situations. Beyond what we refer to as “break/fix” scenarios, Omega NetworX also offers reliable and support-intensive maintenance contracts.

Our maintenance contracts cover a wide range of services and needs, and ensure your systems are maintained with minimal downtime. From periodic evaluation to hardware configuration, software upgrades and new workstation setups, our monthly service retainers cover issues and concerns that your business relies on. With an appropriate service contract, Omega is at your disposal to ensure your systems are up-to-date and secure, and running the way they should be.

In addition to protection, Omega will continuously monitor your network and address any issues via either remote access or on-site visits. With this type of protection, we can provide daily reports for you, and help you analyze potential areas of risk.

As is true with most of our services, preventative measures are the best way to avoid a crisis. Our network and systems maintenance services add an extra layer of support to keep your business moving forward.

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