Network Design Services

Network design is an involved process that ultimately affects every user in your system. Omega NetworX offers expert network design services that include needs assessment, software evaluation, hardware evaluation, and installation, implementation, testing and support.

Proper planning during the design phase leads to smooth operations once the system is installed. Factors such as remote accessibility (by your users and our support staff) and security will determine how the network is built.

Omega has the experience and technical knowledge to use the best and most appropriate components in your network. With both hardware and software, we ensure reliability for years to come.

In addition to completely new networks, we also upgrade and service existing networks. We will evaluate and make sure all of your components are up to date within the network. We will work with you on updating and increasing the speed of your network as frequently as is deemed neccessary.

Security, of course, is the critical for any network. We will provide the necessary services and tools to ensure there are no internet attacks, trojans and external attacks that pose a threat to your network or your business. Omega also installs firewall barriers to serve as the primary line of defense.

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