Network Security

Security is an increasingly important aspect of modern day networks. With properly secured hardware and access channels, a network can function as it was originally intended to. The level or format of the security, however, must be carefully planned and customized for each unique network.

Omega will construct a security solution to meet your needs and maintain a properly functioning environment for your system. From anti-virus to content filtering, our network security solutions will meet all of your needs.

Omega provides customized security and firewalls for your system, while also implementing strict access protocols. This ensures information on your network is visible only to those with the proper credentials.

Omega also provides security backup with sophisticated encryption. Any information in transit will be encrypted and protected, to keep it as safe as possible as it is exchanged and stored.

With this security, there are multiple levels of protection and each one backing up the other. Omega’s customized plans and network monitoring will keep the information on your network private and secure.

Protect your data and protect your network with Omega’s network security solutions.

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