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The telephone remains one of the greatest inventions of the modern age. And for most businesses, the phone is the lifeline of sales, management, operations and beyond. With advances in hardware, software and network speed, the phone systems of today offer advanced and robust tools for businesses of any size.

Standard, conventional hardwired voice systems can be processed over IP and based in various devices or appliances. The customer pays a support fee from the vendor, and the end result is a very effective solution, especially for large call centers. Customized phone systems can be designed and configured to meet the needs of any sized business.

For many small businesses, a hosted solution is the optimal choice. By hosting a phone system on the cloud, your phone service is essentially converted to software and data. The phones serve as devices that route all of the phone call traffic. Very little upfront cost is needed aside from the cost of the phones themselves. With this type of system, the cost going forward is nominal, which opens up possibilities for feature-rich options.

A popular option is to use a soft phone, or phone software, over the cloud. Your PC or laptop will serve as the phone appliance, and with a compatible headset, you’re ready for business.

Another way to utilize this type of phone setup is to incorporate smart phones and their apps into the system. From an Android or iPhone device, downloadable apps can be configured to allow the device to serve as an extension of the system. This allows calls to an office to be forwarded directly to a mobile phone, making you open for business no matter where you are.

Omega is focused on keeping simplicity in your workspace. By incorporating advanced phone systems into unified networks, complete with high quality features, your business can make a very professional impression on your customers.

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