Remote Access

Today’s businesses rely heavily on their networks and systems for day to day operations. When it comes to system failure and data loss, response time is critical. And to diagnose and repair a problem within a network, a technician must have access to it. The fastest way for a technician to get into a system is via remote access.

Through remote access, the experts at Omega can patch in to your business’s network and computers and locate and repair various problems without having to come into your office. Remote access enables your IT professional to be present in your network at any given time as easily as if he were on site.

With a virtual private network (VPN), your business staff can have remote access to your business’s network at any time. A VPN can be set up to allow your employees to access your business’s network, data, and information from any device at any specified location.

The VPN essentially serves as a universal system with a bridge between multiple locations, and serves the data to all connected devices as if they existed in the same physical location.

Omega’s remote access and VPN’s are ideal in the fact that all of the information and data can be accessed at any time from any location. No more “left it at the office” – everything in your network is accessible, 24/7.

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