Surveillance Systems

Security on the computer’s network and server is one thing. Security for your business and employees is another. Surveillance systems are a must for every owner of a brick and mortar business. Omega NetworX offers comprehensive security and surveillance systems to protect your business, your personnel, your privacy and your assets.

Via remote cameras and audio crossovers, our surveillance systems capture both audio and video. The systems offer the business owner 24/7 surveillance of a location from a variety of devices, so you can see what is going on from any location at any time.

What’s more, the footage captured by the cameras can be stored digitally in a virtual environment for later review. Through the use of a digital camera and network video recorder or an analog camera and composite message, the system can retain weeks or months of data.

The data is then easily searchable based on motion. Scan through hours and days of footage quickly and easily, with triggers created based on motion that is detected in the footage. This allows for very efficient filtering through relevant information.

Protect your business with a valuable surveillance system from Omega NetworX. The investment is well worth it.

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