Technical Relocation Services

When moving your business and all technical information, a smooth transition is critical. How can you be sure that no data is lost and everything will run the same way as it ran before? Omega NetworX offers technical relocation services to help keep your downtime low, and get you and your team back up and running as soon as possible..

Technical Relocation Service is a coordination service for customers who are moving to a new physical location. Omega coordinates a comprehensive plan for every stage to help make the move as simple as possible. We begin by assessing all aspects of the current system, the current environment, and the new location.

With the need to keep business moving and downtime low, we can guarantee that you can stop working Friday in your old location and begin Monday at your new spot. Not only will we move efficiently, but we will move effectively to make sure that when your machines turn on for the first time in your new location, you can pick up right where you left off.

Omega NetworX gathers all cabling and builds your new infrastructure for your move. We can also build new networks to your specifications. For all new materials and services that are required to make a successful move, we will also orchestrate third party vendors and contractors to ensure your needs are met.

For a smooth move, contact Omega NetworX.

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